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Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack

Skylanders Swap Force Starter PackWelcome to our website which highlights the Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack. This is a vital component  that is incorporated into the very latest, and long awaited  3rd edition of the Skylanders series – Skylanders Swap Force. Millions of eager game players have been anticipating it`s release on October 18th 2013 and you can find out more about this excellent game by checking out our Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack in depth review contained within our easily navigable site.

Unless you`ve been hiding under a rock you should be well aware of the popularity of Skylanders, both with kids and parents. It appears to be on most children`s wish list for Christmas, especially if they are between ages 4 – 14 yrs.

First introduced in 2011, this brand new concept to modern gaming was developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Activision. The fantastic series of games began with the compelling Spyro`s Adventures and was subsequently followed up the following year with another huge hit, Skylanders Giants.

Skylanders Swap Force promises to deliver another superior experience to it`s fans all over the world. In essence it`s another adventure/rpg game that will appeal to children and adults alike, it`s even gone a step further this time with the super design of it`s 16 new characters and enhanced Gameplay.

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Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack

The Story

Skylands once again is in deep peril from the evil villain Kaos. He plots to become the ultimate ruler  by turning the dormant volcano Mount Cloubreaker, that replenishes the magic of Skylands, into a place of hell.

Orchestrating multiple eruptions to unleash dark forces upon his enemies, the skylanders rush to defend the inhabitants against Kaos, battling against demented frogs, magically brainwashed livestock and other nasties thrown into the mix.

It`s imperative the skylanders are victorious for their homeland to be safe once more, so accompanying them on this mission are the swap force characters.

Old folklore says that a magical eruption blasted apart a number of skylanders who tried to protect the Elementals guarding the volcano. These Super Mortals were sent to Earth and were then blessed with Magical Powers, thus enabling them to split into Two Halves and return to help the others fight their arch enemy before it`s too late.

In addition to this they are also able to swap either the Upper or Lower Parts of their body with other Skylanders Swap Force Characters to both integrate and match Powers and Abilities.

Aswell as being in possession of individual powers, one thing that is really important to be aware of for selecting which additional characters to obtain is that there are Eight Different “elements” in Skylands.

Basically an element is the area of specialty for that particular character, or for that particular geographical area of Skylands. The elements are: Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Air, Tech, Magic, and Undead.

If you have a character for each of the Eight elements, then you can be granted access to certain areas within the game that need that elemental character to enter. As mentioned earlier, every Swap Force figure has Two Parts, a top and bottom, and these can be separated and recombined with any of 16 other Skylanders Swap Force characters for 256 potential combinations.

Place your remixed figurine on the Portal of Power and you now have a new character that blends the elements of the two parts. If you already have a collection of figurines released with the two previous Skylanders games, they will still work with the Portal of Power and the Swap Force game, though you won’t have the swapping ability offered by newer two-piece figurines.

Swap Force Starter Pack

Key to playing this game, like the Spyro`s Adventures and Skylanders Giants series before it, is the reader platform, otherwise known as the Portal of Power.

This extremely clever device that connects to the console and a USB port is able to read tags that are embedded in the Skylander toys to unlock corresponding characters. This enables them to participate in the game.

The Skylanders SwapForce Starter Pack (which is available for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, WiiU, and 3DS) comes equipped with

•    Skylanders game disc

•    The “Portal of Power”

•    One standard Skylander figurine – Ninja Stealth Elf

•    2 swappable Swap Force characters – Blast Zone and Wash Buckler

•     3 trading cards

•     3 character sticker sheets

•    1 giant poster detailing the dozens of amazing collectible figures in the universe of Skylands.

Difficulty Level

There are numerous options to choose from which offer Easy, Medium, Hard, and Nightmare levels of difficulty.  This makes the game so appealing and adaptable to all ages, young and old alike.

For an additional purchase you can increase the level of the game through Adventure Packs or to add extra battles why not try the Battle Packs.

It would be fair to mention that these games are very child friendly, in that you won’t find anything disturbing or violent in them that would scare a child.

It`s a truly great game for all the family to enjoy and refrains from blood and gore right through the levels from the easiest to hardest.

Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack


One of the biggest advantages of playing Skylanders games is that each character stores its Experience, Upgrades, Power-Ups, Gold, and other data right in a chip in the base of the Skylander.

Subsequently there is no need to rely on your game system to hold this information as each character stores its own data. This means that if someone wants to play the Skylanders games elsewhere, not necessarily in their own home, then they could take their characters to wherever they are going to play and still have all of their Upgrades, etc on them.

Also it doesn’t matter what gaming system they have either. You could be playing on a Wii, but a friend may have the Skylanders games on their Xbox, and all your important data will be saved.

It`s great that Activision have thought all of this out? Huge credit goes out to Vicarious Visions as the inventive developer too.

Where To Buy Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack

Due to the phenomenal success of this game they are selling like hot cakes. It is in extremely high demand and to millions of kids worldwide this is a must have addition to their toy collection.

Dare we say even the adults are hooked once they start playing Skylanders Swap Force. It`s a great sequel in the franchise and we feel there will be more to come in the future.

Having looked at prices and stockists we feel the best offers to purchase the Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack comes through Amazon for both availability and convenience.


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